How TeamStreet works

On the back of your TeamCard you'll find a 14 digit number - located above the barcode. Use this number to register your card and activate your TeamCard account to unlock loads of exclusive benefits; including special offers, discount codes, entry to competitions, access to club promotions and more - only available to TeamCard members.

Shop with hundreds of well-known, big-name retailers, each one offering points with every purchase. Shop by category or simply search for your favourite retailer. Every TeamCard retail partner offers their own points rate for every £1 you spend with them. Visit the partner's full offer page for details. Please note: points aren't awarded immediately. Points will remain pending for up to 28 days, allowing for a returns period. Points can't be redeemed until awarded. You can track all your TeamCard activity and check the status of your points awards in your TeamCard account.

Collect points every time you shop online. Login to your TeamCard account and shop with hundreds of your favourite online retailers - all offering points with every purchase. Visit TeamStreet before you shop and visit each retailer through the links provided. Every point you earn helps lower the cost of your support and earn money for your club.

Redeem your TeamCard points against a whole range of products, season tickets or membership. For full details on how and where to redeem your TeamCard points, visit the MY CLUB page and click REDEEM.